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Client-centered therapy and coaching

Are you looking for an english speaking therapist, expat coach, (relationship) counsellor or psychologist in Rotterdam?

Meeting with a counsellor/therapist can provide a compassionate confidential supportive space, to talk about what is troubling you. Talking through things in counselling and psychotherapy can lead to new perspectives on your situation, an increased sense of personal choice, and a richer sense of connection with yourself and others.

English speaking therapy

Types of issues

Talking to a therapist can help with:

  • Troubling emotions such as depression, unresolved anger, loneliness, frustration and low self-esteem
  • Stress or anxiety because of fear of failure, health problems, traumatic events, social status and office conflict
  • Relationship issues such as finding and sustaining relationships, relationship conflict, separation and bereavement
  • Personal development decisions about identity, life direction, sexuality and spirituality
  • Destructive habits, disordered eating and negative body image, smoking, procrastination, work addiction

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